I have a lot of slides with lists that use either pause or <number> after item so that they are shown at different times. Some slides have up to 9 different stages for it, so after I am done presenting and someone needs to go to a slide at the beginning it will be a hassle to go through all of them.

Is there a way so that if I am going in the reverse order in the pdf, once I reach a slide that has multiple stages it will go to the frame before and skip all the in-between moments?

I found a lot of questions/answers that would use hyperref to skip to specific sections, but I just want so that when I am going back it will skip all the unnecessary steps.

Is that way the only way to do it? I am using metropolis theme and it doesn't have buttons at the bottom of the slide.



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You could modify the metropolis theme to have navigation symbols.

Comment out line 106.


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    The .dtx file is not the one loaded by beamer, so changing that file won't do anything (and it's not recommended to change package code). May 10, 2019 at 2:02

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