\max_{\substack{k , {k^'}}}|{G_k-G_{k^'}}| \leq T_1\\

I am not getting what are the errors. Please help me.

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    \max_{k,k'}|G_k-G_{k'}| \leq T_1 should work. Notice that ^' is always wrong. Remove \\. – egreg May 10 at 6:25
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The error you get is

! Missing { inserted.
<to be read again> 
l.7     \max_{\substack{k , {k^'}}
                                  }|{G_k-G_{k^'}}| \leq T_1\\

which is indeed puzzling.

The problem starts from ^', which is always wrong: ' is by itself equivalent to ^{\prime}, so you're trying to make a second level superscript.

Also \\ at the end is wrong.

Secondary, but still important, is that \substack is not needed, as you've nothing to stack; some of the braces you use are redundant and should better be removed. Instead of the “do-it-all” | it's better to state the precise usage with \lvert and \rvert.



\max_{k , k'} \lvert G_k-G_{k'}\rvert \leq T_1  


enter image description here

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