I would like to draw a little 3D Graphic with TikZ.

enter image description here

I dont know how to draw these lines on the left site...

Now, i try something like that:

    \draw (0,0)--(4,0)--(4,-1.5)--(2.5,-2.8)--(-0.5,-2.8);
    \draw (4,0)--(2.5,-1)--(-0.5,-1);
    \draw (2.5,-1)--(2.5,-2.8);

enter image description here

Thank you all.


Your diagram is not very clear, especially the arrows. So I leave the arrow to you. An arrow in the middle of a line can be drawn as in TikZ: How to draw an arrow in the middle of the line?.

If you want the arrows to have an "over each other" effect, you may borrow preaction:

    my line/.style={preaction={draw=white,line width=#1},-latex},
    my line/.default=3pt
\draw (2,0) -- (6,0) -- (6,-3) -- (4,-5) -- (4,-2) -- (6,0)
      (0,-2) -- (4,-2) (0,-5) -- (4,-5);
\draw[my line] (5,-5) -- (5,1);
\draw[my line] (5,-2.5) -- (9,-2.5);
\draw[my line=5pt,very thick] (7,-.5) -- (2,-5.5) 
    node[pos=0.8,above left] {$M_b$};

enter image description here

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