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I created a latex document with all the style and format it is required by my documentation, this file includes as many markdown files as chapters the specific document needs. I shared this latex file to my people in order to create a mass production documentation with the power of Git as a version control. The problem here is that my people do not know anything about latex and they always mess my file and I have to waste a lot of time giving them support. So I would like to create a template with all the formatting directives already included so they only need to customize their own personal data for the title page and create the required markdown files and solve this problem. I am thinking in something like:

\include{template.tex}             % <----------- I want to create this template
\newcommand{\myowntitle}{this is my title}


I have solved everything about markdown I only need to know how to start or what to do in order to create my template or package or whatever I need to input so the people will only be worried about git or markdown for the documentation we need to create. Thank you in advance

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