So in the document section ű ő letter work perfectly fine, but inside another tex file which is included with \include{myothertexfile} into the document, is not working. Some of the documents inside my project is working with this way, and some of them replaces ű with ?. And if i try to add a new document, the compiling fails cuz of the input text is latin2.

Here is my project: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AqdZJMIRBGu7yw6RJk_OyA9zyUzD

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    Hello, welcome to TeX.SE. Your files don't use the same encoding. Many of them appear to be in latin1 (ISO 8859-1), but chapter3.tex, mychapter.tex and diploma.tex use ISO 8859-2, according to Emacs' autodetection mechanism. All files should have an encoding that matches what you declare to inputenc. – frougon May 10 at 15:51
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    if you definitely want to use latin2 rather than utf-8 that is supported, just use \usepackage[latin2]{inputenc} but utf-8 is recommended – David Carlisle May 10 at 15:52

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