I am trying to find a package or a way to reproduce the following index of notation to make one similar to it. The AMS template is very different and has page numbers and other questions seem to have drastically different indices

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The index

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    The glossaries package might be interesting. – leandriis May 10 '19 at 19:24

You can use the package nomencl. Here is a little example of use:

\renewcommand{\nomname}{Index of Notation}
          \item[\textbf{Probability/measure theory}]}{%
            \item[\textbf{Spaces of functions}]}{%

    \nomenclature[ainf]{$\inf \varnothing$}{$\inf \varnothing=+\infty$}%
    \nomenclature[aint]{$\lfloor x \rfloor$}{integer part of $x$}%
    \nomenclature[at]{$x^\top$}{transpose of the vector $x$}%
    \nomenclature[ka]{$A^c$}{complement of the set $A$}%
    \nomenclature[kint]{int $A$}{interior of the set $A$}%
    \nomenclature[kcl]{cl $A$}{closure of the set $A$}%
    \nomenclature[pd]{$\sim$}{distributed as}%
    \nomenclature[pDir]{$\delta_x$}{Dirac measure at $x$}%
    \nomenclature[xcm]{$C(M)$}{space of continuous functions\\$f\colon M \rightarrow\mathbb{R}$}%

See the manual for the usage, in particular section 2.9.1 Advanced subgroups (but there seems be a typo in the example of the manual of the latest version, 5.2, because {R} and {G} must be replaced by {V} and {C} respectively.)

This above example give: enter image description here

  • How do I make them two columns – user188651 Jul 13 '19 at 17:34

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