$$\textit{Some italic and {\normalfont non italic} text}$$
$$\textit{Some italic and \textnormal{non italic} text}$$

My LaTeX block above is supposed to generate text like this (the first line):


But when I put that into my workflow (R Markdown -> Pandoc -> HTML) it comes out looking like this (the white font output below). What is going wrong? Seems nothing is recognizing my \normalfont or \textnormal arguments.


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    What are you trying to achieve by placing a text sentence in a display-math setting? – Mico May 10 at 21:48
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  • Are you typesetting your test document with LaTeX or with pandoc? If it's the latter, your posting will be closed as off-topic for this site. – Mico May 10 at 21:51
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    Why are you adding the $$ around the text? – Ulrike Fischer May 10 at 21:55
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    You are in math, and math you should use math font commands and not text font commands. E.g. \[\mathit{ABC} = \mathrm{minimum}{\mathit{XYZ}, \mathit{ZYX}}\] – Ulrike Fischer May 10 at 22:04

With $$ you are entering math mode. And in math mode you should use math fonts and math switches.

 \[\mathit{ABC} = \mathrm{minimum}{\mathit{XYZ}, \mathit{ZYX}}\]
  • Anything wrong with using this instead? \[ABC = \mathrm{minimum}\{XYZ, ZYX\}\]. Isn't putting \mathit{} redundant since \mathit{} is default behavior inside \[ and \]? – Jason Hunter May 13 at 15:19

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