I use biblatex with the authoryear-ibid style, that is citations look like this: (Author 2019), and like this: (ibid.) when the same reference is cited several times in a row.

What I want is the following: when I cite a reference that has already been cited before, but not just before, I would like the citation to be: (Author, op. cit.). I can't find out how to do it, does anybody have a solution?


The style authoryear-ibid does not stand to gain a lot from using op. cit.: a year is hardly longer than 'op. cit.' and it has the huge advantage of being a unique and somewhat informative label.

But it is of course possible to modify authoryear-ibid a bit to include op. cit.. Compare the redefinition below with the original in authoryear-ibid.cbx. The relevant change consists in replacing




The definition of cite:opcit is a straightforward copy from verbose-trad1.cbx. Furthermore, biblatex must be loaded with the option opcittracker=context,.


\usepackage[style=authoryear-ibid, opcittracker=context, backend=biber]{biblatex}
















Sigfridsson and Ryde 1998//Knuth 1984//Sigfridsson and Ryde op. cit.//Knuth op. cit.//Worman 2002//Knuth 1986//Worman op. cit.//Knuth op. cit.//Sigfridsson and Ryde op. cit.//ibid.

I have severe doubts that this is clearer than the normal output from authoryear-ibid.

Especially the fact that 'Knuth op. cit.' might refer to knuth:ct:a or knuth:ct:b requires the reader to pay much closer attention to previous citations than probably necessary.

If you want to restrict op. cit. to authors with only a single work to avoid confusion, you should load biblatex with the option singletitle and replace \ifopcit in the above with


Then the MWE produces

Sigfridsson and Ryde 1998//Knuth 1984//Sigfridsson and Ryde op. cit.//Knuth 1984//Worman 2002//Knuth 1986//Worman op. cit.//Knuth 1986//Sigfridsson and Ryde op. cit.//ibid.

Ambiguities are avoided here, but you get a weird mixture of 'op. cit.' and non-'op. cit.' citations.

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