I'm using the preview package to generate tightly boxed maths environments. Unfortunately, it seems to be clipping out the edges (some subscripts are not showing in the final pdf). Is there a way to put a 'buffer' around the preview box, so that an extra few pixels on each side are left in?

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    From the manual: psfixbb Dvips determines the bounding boxes from the material in the DVI file it understands. Lots of PostScript specials are not part of that. Since the TEX boxes do not make it into the DVI file, but merely characters, rules and specials do, Dvips might include far too small areas. The option psfixbb will include /dev/null as a graphic file in the ultimate upper left and lower right corner of the previewed box. This will make Dvips generate an appropriate bounding box. – JPi May 11 '19 at 18:24
  • @JPi I added the psfixbb option to preview, and turned off some pdf-only features (hyperref was throwing an error, but it's not essential to me). The resulting dvi leaves a lot of white space in some places (that's fine) and clips out a lot of the text in other places (less fine). Running that through dvips appears to print each page onto A4 pages (leaving a lot of white space, with the desired content in the bottom left corner). – preferred_anon May 11 '19 at 18:49

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