I am using the natbib package.

Now I want to have a bibliography entry cited in full length in the text. That should also appear in the bibliography are. For example

Text text...

Mr. ABCD (2012) HELLO WORL, This is a cite in Page...

text text...

.....bib area...
Mr. bbb sss ..
Mr. ABCD (2012) HELLO WORL, This is a cite in Page...


Use the \bibentry command from the bibentry package:

    author = "Frank Mittelbach and Michel Goossens  and Johannes Braams and David Carlisle  and Chris Rowley",
    title = "The {LaTeX} Companion",
    year = "1993",
    publisher = "Addison-Wesley",
    address = "Reading, Massachusetts"


A full in-text cite of \bibentry{goossens93}.

A regular citation of \cite{goossens93}.



enter image description here

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    Thank you very much for a nice reply. It worked fine when I tested using your example. However, it did not work for me (where I was using ...\documentclass{article}... my bad luck?) OK, thank you very much. – Droid-Bird Mar 23 '12 at 10:35
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    Thanks much. Finally it worked for me too. I think I had \nobibliography* command missing at the top of the file. By the way what does this command do? Why is it necessary? Do you mind to take a sec to tell me? Thank you. – Droid-Bird Mar 23 '12 at 15:17
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    @GonzaloMedina Any idea how to convince hyperref to point to the one at the end (from References) rather than the one in the text? – Bogdan Vasilescu Jun 23 '14 at 14:32
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    Just what I need. But do you know if I can use \bibentry without the reference also showing up in the \biblography list. The application is to use \bibentry in an appendix as a separate footnoted citation list for the appendix, but not have the citation show up in the main document's reference list, which occurred prior. – Steven B. Segletes Aug 25 '14 at 17:24
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    @Droid-Bird \nobibliography allows you to use a reference even without a bibliography section at the end of the document. I don't know why it is necessary even when such a section exists. – LEo Aug 20 '20 at 20:31

If you are using BibLateX, you can just use the \fullcite command. for example:



enter image description here

from the bibtex:

    url = {http://cogprints.org/7148/},
    abstract = {This paper provides a solution to the issue: “How can we use Wikipedia based concepts in document
clustering with lesser human involvement, accompanied by effective improvements in result?” In the
devised system, we propose a method to exploit the importance of N-grams in a document and use
Wikipedia based additional knowledge for GAAC based document clustering. The importance of N-grams
in a document depends on several features including, but not limited to: frequency, position of their
occurrence in a sentence and the position of the sentence in which they occur, in the document. First, we
introduce a new similarity measure, which takes the weighted N-gram importance into account, in the
calculation of similarity measure while performing document clustering. As a result, the chances of topical similarity in clustering are improved. Second, we use Wikipedia as an additional knowledge base both, to remove noisy entries from the extracted N-grams and to reduce the information gap between N-grams that are conceptually-related, which do not have a match owing to differences in writing scheme or strategies. Our experimental results on the publicly available text dataset clearly show that our devised system has a significant improvement in performance over bag-of-words based state-of-the-art systems in this area.},
    urldate = {2019-09-16},
    author = {Kumar, Mr Niraj and Vemula, Mr Venkata Vinay Babu and Srinathan, Dr Kannan and Varma, Dr Vasudeva},
    month = oct,
    year = {2010},
    file = {Kumar et al. - 2010 - EXPLOITING N-GRAM IMPORTANCE AND ADDITIONAL KNOWED.pdf:/Users/m/Zotero/storage/NJ88HWGE/Kumar et al. - 2010 - EXPLOITING N-GRAM IMPORTANCE AND ADDITIONAL KNOWED.pdf:application/pdf;Snapshot:/Users/m/Zotero/storage/H7EJNT4M/7148.html:text/html}
  • How can I get \fullcite to also output the citation key in front -- like \printbibliography? Depending on your style, this could be [1] or [KVK10] (using your example). – ComFreek Dec 29 '20 at 13:22
  • @ComFreek Why not just \cite{mykey}~\fullcite{mykey}? If you need it a lot, I guess, you could make a separate command. – CGFoX Feb 2 at 15:30

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