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In microsoft word it can't understand every mathematical equation that I input in latex correctly.the only language that it understands correctly is the mathml code. But to do so I have to input the equation in latex to this script in a notepad [example]

<title>MathJax TeX Test Page</title>
<script type="text/javascript" async
Your test: $$\mathbf{F}_{2}=k \frac{q_{1} q_{2} \hat{\mathbf{r}}_{21}}{r_{21}^{2}}$$

then I have to save this file as a HTML file.Then I have to open the file in chrome and when the equation appears I have to extract the mathml code[by right clicking the equation and selecting to show the code].Then when I paste the code in word as keep text only,then it gives the exact equation. Is there any easier way like a software or an online converter to convert latex into Mathml code[not mathml]? thank you

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