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How to type theta as shown below?enter image description here

Hope image is clear

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    Are you asking about how to type the character not in italic? See here. – jGaboardi May 13 at 0:46

In unicode-math, this is \muptheta. There are also \mupvartheta, \mupTheta, etc. This has the advantage of matching your math font, which upgreek will not unless you stick to Computer Modern. \symup{\theta} or \uptheta also work.


\( \cot^2 \uptheta \)

enter image description here

The unicode-math package switches your documents to Unicode fonts and requires LuaLaTeX or XeLaTeX to compile. If you need a PDFLaTeX-compatible document, If you are using a font package, see if it has options to select upright or slanted Greek, or if it supports a \mathrm Greek alphabet. isomath has a command to select upright Greek math alphabets. The Euler font, and in particular the eulerpx, also provide upright Greek.


You can use the upgreek package. See example below.

cot\textsuperscript{2} \uptheta

enter image description here

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