Below is my files tree:


On Windows it was enough to set TEXINPUTS evironment variable with some paths and then I was able to compile with:

pdflatex Tex/book.tex

my document book.tex which uses package myTemplate.sty And now im trying to do teh same on Ubuntu 18.04. When i move all things to one folder (book.tex and myTemplate.sty and folder with images) then compilation is succesfull. But i would like to keep my foder structure as it is more clearly. So i tried to export TEXINPUTS:

export TEXTINPUTS=.:./TexBase/

but my compilation fail because of unfound many sty-files wchich are part of texlive-latex-extra that i already installed. When i UNSET this variable - it compiles ok. So my question is: Am i correctly set TEXINPUTS variable? Maybe i should add some other paths? What is the path to those "latex basic STY files"?


When you set

export TEXTINPUTS=.:./TexBase/

you tell TeX to search here and ./TeXBase only. Other than rather restricted circumstances, you want to allow search of the standard tree too, which is done by have a trailing : (to indicate 'then the standard path'). You also probably want subdirectory searching in ./TeXbase, so I'd use

export TEXTINPUTS=.:./TexBase//:

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