I need use the sbc-template template to submit without author information, but the template throws an error when I comment the \author command, and when I use \author{} a ¹ is printed below the title. Any suggestion on to solve this?

I am using the sbc-template:

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    Welcome to TeX.SX! We'd need to know which template you are using and how you are using it. The best way for you to show that is with a minimal working example (MWE). May 13 '19 at 23:16
  • @PhelypeOleinik thanks for this hint. Added too a link to template used. May 13 '19 at 23:31

The extra ¹ you say is placed by the template before the \address field, so I suppose you removed that too. The address field is preceded by \inst{\instnum}. To remove that you can redefine \instnum to be empty as well:


\title{Instructions for Authors of SBC Conferences\\ Papers and Abstracts}

\author{} % Clearing \author field
\address{} % Clearing \address field
\def\instnum{} % Making \instnum empty



  This meta-paper describes the style to be used in articles and short papers
  for SBC conferences. For papers in English, you should add just an abstract
  while for the papers in Portuguese, we also ask for an abstract in
  Portuguese (``resumo''). In both cases, abstracts should not have more than
  10 lines and must be in the first page of the paper.



enter image description here

  • Thanks again. This solve the problem. May 13 '19 at 23:52

To avoid moving the text below authors and affiliation (i.e., keep a blank space where they are), you can use \phantom{} at each line of authors and affiliation, then using \def\instnum{} to remove affiliation numbers.

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