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Every search I have done for this, the answer involves \bar or \overline but those are math mode and thus result in the math font being used, which often differs from the main text font.

Ēostre - note the E has a bar over it. A Pagan Goddess. If I use math mode then the upper case E is a different font than the ostre which is typographically wrong.

How, using TeXLive with pdflatex compiler, so I add a horizontal bar over a latin letter without using math mode?

Thank you for suggestions.

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    Welcome to TeX.SE. Did you give \=E a try yet? See this answer for more information about text-mode and math-mode commands to place various accent-like characters above and below letters [shameless self-citation alert!]. – Mico May 14 at 5:27
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    Or \documentclass{article} \usepackage{amsmath} \newcommand{\textoverline}[1]{\ensuremath{\overline{\text{#1}}}} \begin{document} \textoverline{A} \end{document} – user121799 May 14 at 5:28

\=E is what I was looking for.

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