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I don't know why my MWE is not work for some keywords

Here is my MWE



    listing engine=minted,
    listing only,
    minted style=colorful, % pygmentize -L styles
    minted language=bash,
    minted options={linenos=true,numbersep=3mm,texcl=true,#1},
    overlay={\begin{tcbclipinterior}\fill[red!20!blue!20!white] (frame.south west)
       rectangle ([xshift=5mm]frame.north west);\end{tcbclipinterior}}


# test
cd ~/temp
mkdir latex-tests
cd latex-tests
mkdir output # For LaTeX compilation output


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  • It is because minted (or more precisely, Pygments) doesn't support those keywords. If you use minted environment, the minted output will be the same, so tcolorbox is "innocent" here. – user156344 May 14 at 11:15

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