I'm a beginner to Tex. I was using an Overleaf template to create a CV. [Link: https://www.overleaf.com/project/5cdbf1b52aab4345446ebf8c ]. I want to know how I can increase the left column width so that I can add new section named ACHIEVEMENTS. Currently, the left column is full I think. Because I'm getting the warning Overfull \hbox (1.75659pt too wide) in paragraph at lines. Is it possible that I can get a permanent solution by editing the res.cls file? If so, can anyone show the part of the code I need to edit?

I've also attached a screenshot. I want some spacing between the section and points like in the normal overleaf template.

Screenshot of the pdf generated

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    res.cls should be buried, or put in a bin. But the internet keeps it alive. You honestly should have a look at alternatives. – Johannes_B May 15 '19 at 11:48
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    Use something based on say moderncv instead – daleif May 15 '19 at 11:53
  • I understand that res.cls is old. But I'm preparing an academic orientated CV and this template looked good. @Johannes_B – Govind May 16 '19 at 3:04
  • Can you suggest some alternative packages @daleif – Govind May 16 '19 at 3:05
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    I already did.... – daleif May 16 '19 at 5:22

Comments on the question notwithstanding, there's no need to edit the .cls file. The class has a command built to adjust the width of the left column: \newsectionwidth. You can use it to set a custom left column width like this:




\textbf{Award Winner}, Any Organization, Any City\\


enter image description here

  • Thanks. It worked like a charm. @Paul Gessler – Govind May 16 '19 at 3:07

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