The exsheets package allowed for referencing a previous exercise through its ID tag with \exerciseNumber{<id>}. Changing to XSIM now, I could not find an equivalent. The \GetExerciseProperty{ID} provides the ID of the current exercise (manual v0.11, p. 31), but I could not find a way to access the number of a previous question in XSIM using its ID (or id; manual p. 10).

I could provide a separate \label{} in one question and refer to it with \ref{} later. But I would prefer to directly access the ID tag.

Background: I have a collection of ~300 exercises built with exsheets and heavy cross-referencing. Now I want to convert it to xsim without having to manually add labels and refs.

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There is no such command at the moment but it is possible to define one:


\NewDocumentCommand \exercisenumber {m}
      { \xsim_get_id_for_property:nn {ID} {#1} }
\cs_generate_variant:Nn \xsim_get_property:nnn {nx}  




  See exercise \exercisenumber{foo}. \lipsum[1]


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  • Thanks, Clemens, does exactly what I needed! Great! Commented Oct 2, 2019 at 17:57

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