After a long nap on my computer, I found (surprisingly) that my main.pdf file got landscape. Further study on the reason why it became landscape totally confuse me.

This is what I found:

  • If I rename the file and compile, I will get the desired direction (as is shown in main2.pdf).
  • If I paste the code to a new file and compile, I will get the desired direction.
  • If I change something in (main.tex) and compile it, the file remains landscape.
  • I delete all files generated by the compiler, and then remake (main.tex). The file remains landscape.

My Tex code is: (the same for both file)


Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cumulant

My compiling rule is (under windows 18.03 -> WSL, the prefix "ubuntu.exe run" tells Windows to use WSL->Ubuntu to run the command.)

ubuntu.exe run latexmk -xelatex -logfilewarninglist -time -synctex=1 -file-line-error (MyFileName).tex

My XeTeX version:

XeTeX 3.14159265-2.6-0.99998 (TeX Live 2017/Debian)

Here are my files (screen shot) main.pdf (Why it's landscape?) main2.pdf (Its direction is desired!)

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    can you make the two pdf and the two log-files available? – Ulrike Fischer May 16 '19 at 16:37
  • @UlrikeFischer It seems that I have solved it (with the help of the answer). So thank you! (and maybe I will not provide any more info like pdf-files and log-files). Anyway thanks to your suggesting and I will check their differences before I ask another question! – CY Qian May 17 '19 at 1:42

It looks like you are using Sumatra to display your PDF file. You can rotate the displayed document in Menu > View > Rotate... or using Ctrl+Shift++/Ctrl+Shift+- hotkeys. Sumatra will then remember the document orientation across sessions and reloads. This would be totally plausible after taking a nap on your computer's keyboard and it would explain all your symptoms.


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