I found this template and want to be able to change between two languages .

I used the following commands in the poster.tex and baposter.cls files, respectively, but I have some strange letters.

[EDIT by KJO to illustrate problem] using this class file https://github.com/anriseth/baposter/blob/master/baposter.cls OP gets this unexpected result

enter image description here

In poster.tex file:

\usepackage{relsize}        % For \smaller
\usepackage{url}            % For \url
% \usepackage{epstopdf} % Included EPS files automatically converted to PDF to include with pdflatex

%%% Global Settings %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

\graphicspath{{pix/}}   % Root directory of the pictures 
% \tracingstats=2           % Enabled LaTeX logging with conditionals

%% My code

%%% Color Definitions %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

%%% Utility functions %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

%%% Save space in lists. Use this after the opening of the list %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

%%% Document Start %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

\typeout{Poster rendering started}

%%% Setting Background Image %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
   \begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]%
    \draw (current page.north west)+(-2em,2em) node[anchor=north west]

%%% General Poster Settings %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
%%%%%% Eye Catcher, Title, Authors and University Images %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
      % Option is left on true though the eyecatcher is not used. The reason is
      % that we have a bit nicer looking title and author formatting in the 
% this way
% Only simple background color used, no shading, so boxColorTwo isn't necessary
%%% Eye Cacther %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
     Eye Catcher, empty if option eyecatcher=false - unused
%%% Title %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    \gr  Αλγεβρική Θεωρία Γράφων
%%% Authors %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
      \vspace{1em} {\en Richard O. Legendi, Laszlo Gulyas, George Kampis}\\
      {\en \smaller legendi@inf.elte.hu, lgulyas@colbud.hu, gkampis@colbud.hu}
%%% Logo %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
% The logos are compressed a bit into a simple box to make them smaller on the result
% (Wasn't able to find any bigger of them.)
        \includegraphics[width=4em,height=4em]{example-image-b} \\

 \headerbox{\en Problem}{name=problem,column=0,row=0}{\en
  Sampling networks always involves the act of aggregation (e.g., when collecting longitudinal samples of networks). We sutdy how the cumulation window length effects the properties of the aggregated network.
 %%% change to greek language 
 {\gr Αλγεβρική Θεωρία Γράφων}



Does anyone know what commands I need for this effect and in which file they must be placed?

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    Welcome to TeX.se. Please don't post code fragments. Instead edit your question to provide a minimal compilable document that shows what you are doing. – Alan Munn May 17 at 15:40

In order to be able to use Greek characters, you should use the inputenc package:


Also, the order of languages in the arguments of the babel package is important. The last language must be the primary language of your document.

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