I have a fancyhdr footer with my personal data and I would like to add some cute symbol inline with my website url. I've already included the marvosym package and used:

  • \Letter symbol before my email address
  • \Telefon symbol before my phone number.

I need a nice symbol for my website url. Could you please suggest me one?


How about

  • \Mundus for a “World” symbol, or maybe
  • \ComputerMouse ?

Both also from marvosym.

In any case have a look at the comprehensive symbol list for further ideas.

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  • choosed \ding{43} from pifont. Thanks for symbol list reference. – microspino Nov 4 '10 at 11:37
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    For those curious (like me!) \ding{43} is a hand pointing to the right. – Juan A. Navarro Nov 4 '10 at 11:41

In 2013 the fontawesome-package was published. The package contains also some specific icons for facebook, twitter, xing, amazon... The the comprehensive symbol list contains a section fontawesome Web-Related Icons.

With \faGlobe you get Icon \faGlobe

(The \ding{43} from pifont could be replaced by \faHandORight)

I combine this icons with \faHome Icon \fahome and \faIndustry enter image description here to make a difference between private and business websites.

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