I am trying to create custom beamer blocks for a template using a tikzpicture for the title of the block and a beamercolorbox for the body.

Here is a MCVE:



\setbeamercolor{block body}{fg = black, bg=blue!10}
\setbeamertemplate{block begin}{%
  \tikz\node[text width=\textwidth{} - .4cm, inner sep=.2cm, fill=blue]{
  \begin{beamercolorbox}[leftskip=.2cm, rightskip=.2cm, dp=1ex, vmode]{block body}%

\setbeamertemplate{block end}{%



  Some text after\ldots{}


I have two problems with the above code:

  1. There is a small space between the tikzpicture and the beamercolorbox that I would like to get rid of... I could use a negative vspace, but not knowing where the space comes from, I do not want to put a random value.

  2. Combining the tikzpicture with the beamercolorbox creates extra space below the block... Removing the tikzpicture or the beamercolorbox fix the issue, but I need both.

Here is the output I get:

enter image description here


I found out how to fix both issues with a simple change right after posting this... You need to separate the tikzpicture and the beamercolorbox into two latex "paragraph" and use nointerlineskip:

}; % End of the tikz picture


The extra blank line is required for this to work.

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