In the simplified code shown below, I am trying to get alternate colors in the table from the code used by Harvey Sheppard. My output table does not contain any colors. Is there some configuration that I have to make to my Windows PC to get the colors to show? Any help is appreciated!




\providecolor{mainColor}{RGB}{211, 47, 47}

%       Default Table Configuration

% Row will alternate color
\definecolor{tableLineOne}{RGB}{245, 245, 245}
\definecolor{tableLineTwo}{RGB}{224, 224, 224}
\taburowcolors[2] 2{tableLineOne .. tableLineTwo}

% Add a thin white line between all lines
\AtBeginDocument{\everyrow{\tabucline[.4mm  white]{}}}

% Redefine line sep to make the table more spaced
\tabulinesep = ^2.5mm_2mm

% Provide a command to style the headers of the tables

\title{yFlatTable Example}
\author{Harvey Sheppard}



    \begin{tabu}{ l l l }
        Class & Grade & Professor\\
        French & 10 & Pr. Bonvin\\
        Math & 12 & Pr. Squarero-Ots\\
        English & 8 & Pr. Shakespeare\\


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