dI would like to draw the following number line where N is just a fixed number

and B1 is the set {1,...,N} etc.

enter image description here

Although i searched and found somes codes displaying similar lines using tikz

i couldnt adjust the proper modifications. Any help would be appreciated , thanks in advance!


This could be a starting point:




\draw (0,0) -- (12,0);
\foreach\m/\n in {0/1,3/N,4/N+1,7/2N,8/2N+1,11/3N}
    {\node[scale=.7] at (\m,0) {$|$};
     \node[below,yshift=-5pt] at (\m,0) {$\n$};}
    node[above] at (1.5,0) {$B_1$}
    node[above] at (5.5,0) {$B_2$}
    node[above] at (9.5,0) {$B_3$};


enter image description here

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