I need to do this using natbib:

(McFadden 1978, Ben-Akiva and Lerman 1985, but see Bruch and Mare 2012 for an accessible introduction).

My current attempt at it:

  \citep[][but see \citep[][for an accessible introduction]{bruch_methodological_2012}]{mcfadden_modeling_1978,ben-akiva_discrete_1985}.

Which results in an ugly error:

BibTeX I didn't find a database entry for "["

Is there any way of defining that suffix that includes a citation?


It works with an additional set of {} around the inner \cite:



  author       = {Angenendt, Arnold},
  title        = {In Honore Salvatoris~-- Vom Sinn und Unsinn der
  journaltitle = {Revue d'Histoire Eccl{\'e}siastique},
  date         = 2002,
  volume       = 97,
  pages        = {431--456, 791--823},
  langid       = {german},
  indextitle   = {In Honore Salvatoris},
  shorttitle   = {In Honore Salvatoris},
  annotation   = {A German article in a French journal. Apart from that, a
                  typical \texttt{article} entry. Note the \texttt{indextitle}

  author       = {Baez, John C. and Lauda, Aaron D.},
  title        = {Higher-Dimensional Algebra {V}: 2-Groups},
  journaltitle = {Theory and Applications of Categories},
  date         = 2004,
  volume       = 12,
  pages        = {423-491},
  version      = 3,
  eprint       = {math/0307200v3},
  eprinttype   = {arxiv},
  langid       = {english},
  langidopts   = {variant=american},
  annotation   = {An \texttt{article} with \texttt{eprint} and
                  \texttt{eprinttype} fields. Note that the arXiv reference is
                  transformed into a clickable link if \texttt{hyperref} support
                  has been enabled.  Compare \texttt{baez\slash online}, which
                  is the same item given as an \texttt{online} entry},



\citep[][but see {\citep[][for an accessible introduction]{baez}}]{angenendt}.



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