My report features Abbreviations and List of symbols in the following format:

enter image description here

enter image description here

The list of symbols has been customized to have the unit column instead of the index column. When I compile everything works, but I get numerous errors of the format (with slight variations):

Missing $ inserted.

$ l.6 ...etentrycounter[]{page}\glsnumberformat{3}}} % I've inserted a begin-math/end-math symbol since I think you left one out. Proceed, with fingers crossed.

! Extra }, or forgotten $. @textcolor ...otect \leavevmode {\color #1{#2}#3}

I am using overleaf and pdfLaTeX. I suspect it has something to do with overriding the index with the unit column but have not been able to fix it.


\usepackage[colorlinks=true, allcolors=cyan, urlcolor=black, acronym=black]{hyperref}

%%% --- Customise glossaries
\renewcommand*{\glstextformat}[1]{\textcolor{black}{#1}} %hyperlink set to black
\renewcommand*{\glsnamefont}[1]{\textbf{#1}} %hyperlink set to bold
\setacronymstyle{long-short} %will spell out the first occurrence using \gls{}

%%% --- make the glossaries
%% make list of symbols
\newglossary[slg]{symbolslist}{syi}{syg}{List of symbols}

%% make abbreviations, load all glossaries
%\loadglsentries{glossary}  %avoided for MWE 

%%% ---  Define List of Symbols style
\setglossarystyle{long3col}% base this style on the list style
\renewenvironment{theglossary}{% Change the table type --> 3 columns
\renewcommand*{\glossaryheader}{%  Change the table header
  \bfseries Sign & \bfseries Description & \bfseries Unit \\
\renewcommand*{\glossentry}[2]{%  Change the displayed items
\glstarget{##1}{\glossentryname{##1}} %
& \glossentrydesc{##1}% Description
& \glsunit{##1} \tabularnewline

%%%%%%%% -------------- DOCUMENT --------------- %%%%%%%%

\newacronym{adcs}{ADCS}{Attitude Determination \& Control subsystem}
\newacronym{vleo}{VLEO}{Very Low Earth Orbit}

    name = \ensuremath{\pi},
    description = {Geometrical value},
    unit = {-},
    type = {symbolslist}
    name = \ensuremath{\mu},
    description = {Earth's gravitational parameter},
    unit = {m^3/s^2},
    type = {symbolslist}

%% sample example
\textbf{These are some abbreviations:} \gls{adcs}  \gls{vleo} \\
\textbf{These are some symbols:} \gls{symb:Pi} \gls{mu}

%% print the glossaries
\setlength\glsdescwidth{0.9\textwidth} %\textwidth-9\tabcolsep is used in the full document
\printglossary[type=symbolslist, style=symbunitlong]


I also get a hyperref package error.

Any tips on removing the errors, without changing the layout and hyperlinks?

As a side question I was also trying to store abbreviations and list of symbol entries in two separate files and use \loadglsentries twice, but that would not work, suggestions on separating them?

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The issue is unrelated to glossaries. TeX is complaining about you using ^ in text mode (in the unit of mu). Putting the exponents in math mode will resolve this.

A far superior way to typeset units is using siunitx (in this case you could write \si{\cubic\meter\per\square\second} with per-mode=symbol, though \si{m^3/s^2} also works, in case you are lazy).

Also note that hyperref is complaining because it does not know the option acronym.

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