When I call two separate files(chapters) from a main file, it shows error for graphicx. Details are bellows:

(i) The main file main.tex contains following contents:


\author{No Author}
\title{Simple Book Example}

(ii) The first chapter chapter01.tex contained in the directory ch1. The chapter01.tex contains the following contents:

\chapter{first chapter}
Text sample

The image konigsberg1.png contained in ch1.

Similarly, the second chapter chapter02.tex contained in the directory ch2. The chapter02.tex contains the following contents:

\chapter{second  chapter}
Text sample for 2nd ch

The image Jordan_curve contained in ch2.

These two directories ch1 and ch2 are contained in the directory where the main file contained.

When I compile with pdflatex in texstudion on MacOS, it shows that

File `konigsberg1' not found.

for line \includegraphics{konigsberg1} and

File `Jordan_curve' not found.

for \includegraphics{Jordan_curve}. But when I comment out includegraphics, then everything is ok.

How can I fix error?




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