I am fairly new to LateX and I would like to modify the way that chapters in collections are displayed in the bibliography. I use JabRef, TexStudio Bibtex, and the natbib package. I use the agsm stlye for my harvard-stlye bibliography.

I cannot get my bibliography entries for chapters in collections to look like they are supposed to. The chapter title should be followed by a full stop and the editor's name. It should say (ed.) after the editor. The collection title has to be emphasised. The location and publisher have to be switched and columns substituted for commas.

How can this be achived?

What it should look like: What it should look like

What it currently looks like: What it currently looks like

The code for @InCollection currently looks like this:

FUNCTION {incollection} { output.bibitem list.label.output " \harvardyearleft " list.year * "\harvardyearright " * output.nonnull title.field field.used = { skip$ } { format.title "title" output.check } if$ author "author" item.check crossref missing$ { format.in.ed.booktitle "booktitle" output.check format.edition output format.bvolume output format.number.series output publisher "publisher" output.check address output } { format.incoll.inproc.crossref output.nonnull } if$ format.chapter.pages output new.block note output fin.entry write.url }

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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