I am using natbib, I would like to have the bibliography in the order that it is in the file while using the agsm bibliography style.

This is only currently possible when using the unsrt style because I am using the \nocite{*} command to ensure that all items in the bibliography are displayed, since I am required to have a bibliography and a references page, however the multibib package seems to be the only way this can be done, instead I will use the bibliography to display the references.

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The following solution is virtually identical to the one recommended for the chicago bibliography style. See natbib: combining chicago style and sorting by appearance and the associated answer [shameless self-citation alert!].

  • Locate the file agsm.bst in your TeX distribution.

  • Make a copy of this file and name the copy, say, agsm-unsrt.bst.

  • Open the file agsm-unsrt.bst in a text editor. The program you use to edit your tex files will do fine.

  • In the bst file, locate the instances of SORT on lines 1296 and 1329. Either comment them out or delete them.

  • Save the bst file either in the directory where your main tex file is located or in a directory that's searched by BibTeX. If you choose the second option, be sure to update the filename database of your TeX distribution suitably.

  • In the main tex file, change \bibliographystyle{agsm} to \bibliographystyle{agsm-unsrt}. Be sure to rerun LaTeX, BibTeX, and LaTeX twice more to fully update the formatted bibliography and all citation call-outs.

Happy BibTeXing!

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