At my last page, latex pushes my figure to the right side of the page and leaves whole left side as blank. Nothing like this happens for other pages. Why is this happening? blank page

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    Hi, could you please provide a compilable example code which can reproduce the problem? – user156344 May 24 at 5:40
  • Btw your code is having many errors: Never ignore errors and please debug it until no errors left. Also, you should put \includegraphics to a figure environment and add a real caption by \caption and a \label for a figure in your document, instead of putting to a center as well as inserting the caption really manually. – user156344 May 24 at 5:46
  • It is hard to help with no example provide, but note that the entire reason latex has figure environment is to allow figures to "float" ie be moved to avoid large gaps at page breaks, as you just have the \includegraphics directly in the main text if it does not fit at the bottom of one column there has to be a gap if it is moved to the next. – David Carlisle May 24 at 6:42
  • Welcome...hope you are searching the tag \cleardoublepage...If not so, please provide a MWE... – MadyYuvi May 24 at 7:17
  • You might also be interested in using the \caption (or \captionof command if you don't want your figures to float) and a \label. This way, your figures are numbered automatically and you can easily refer to them using \ref. – leandriis May 24 at 7:17

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