I'm using a command in another TeX Q&A that is supposed to mute the footnote marker both in-text (no superscript) and in the footnote itself. However when I applied it in my document, it only muted in-text but still displays in footnote. How can I fix this? (I would like to have markers for the second footnote, but not the first - right now, the first footnote is muted in-text but not in the footnote - I'd like to get rid of the * in front of its footnote) Thanks!



    \title{document title}
    \author{Firstname \blfootnote{I woud like to thank...... } Lastname \footnote{contact details}}

  • To set a footnote without either footnote mark, you can (temporarily) define these two markers to be \relax: \let\@makefnmark\relax \let\@thefnmark\relax. You can add this to your definition of \blfootnote, and be sure to wrap \makeatletter ... \makeatother around that definition. This is a comment, not an answer, because I'm not able to test. However, the code was stolen from the definition of \@adminfootnotes in amsart, and has been used there successfully for years. – barbara beeton May 25 at 1:11

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