I noticed that the newtx font somehow makes the arrows in tikz-cd diagrams appear significantly bigger. I wonder why that is and if there would be any way to solve this issue.

MWE below.

The code



X_0 \rar & X_1 \lar[shift left=1.5] \lar[shift right=1.5] \rar[shift right=1.5] \rar[shift left=1.5] & X_2 \lar\lar[shift right=3]\lar[shift left=3] \rar \rar[shift left=3] \rar[shift right=3] & \dots \lar[shift left=1.5]\lar[shift left=4.5]\lar[shift right=1.5]\lar[shift right=4.5]

yields the following picture :

normal arrows

but uncommenting the newtxtext and math will give me this :

BIG arrows with newtx font

Edit : I found a quick way to fix it by simply changing my arrow tips (allowing me to also match the arrow style of the newtx font). By simply adding

\tikzset{>={Straight Barb[scale = 0.7]}}
\tikzcdset{arrow style=tikz}

to my preamble I get this :

quick fix

which already looks much nicer. I still wonder what causes the problem in the first place and would appreciate any insight.

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    Arrows in the newtxmath font are bigger, that's the main reason. – egreg May 25 at 15:45

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