The recent update seems to have broken metapost. Anyone else having problems? The following is a MWE taken from the document that used to compile. Thanks for any help.

%% use option 'nowrite' if graphics are stable
%% ---------------------------------------------------------------

numeric v, u, xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax;
numeric ix, iy, tx, ty;
numeric ahlen, ahpos;
numeric gridwidth, axeswidth;
picture xl[], yl[];
ix=1; iy=1;
tx=1; ty=1;
xmin=tx*(-6)/ix; xmax=tx*(6)/ix;
ymin=ty*(-6)/iy; ymax=ty*(6)/iy;
gridwidth:=0.46; axeswidth:=4*gridwidth;
% default arrowhead length is 4pt, compensate for scaling by $tx
% metapost default arrowhead angle is 45 degrees
%%%% Draw the axes
pickup pencircle scaled (gridwidth*1.0pt);
for i=xmin upto xmax: draw (i,ymin)*u--(i,ymax)*u; endfor;
for i=ymin upto ymax: draw (xmin,i)*u--(xmax,i)*u; endfor;

def opencircle(expr z, d, rgb) =
 save p;
 path p; background=white;
 p = fullcircle scaled (2.3333*d) shifted (z);
 fill p withcolor background;
 draw p withcolor (rgb) withpen currentpen scaled 0.5;

def solidcircle(expr z, d, rgb) =
    save p; path p;
    p = fullcircle scaled (2*d) shifted (z);
    filldraw p withcolor (rgb);

%% Horizontal labels;
xl[0] = thelabel.bot(\btex\large $-6$ etex, (xmin + tx*0,0)*u);
  unfill bbox xl[0];
  draw xl[0];
xl[1] = thelabel.bot(\btex\large $-5$ etex, (xmin + tx*1,0)*u);
  unfill bbox xl[1];
  draw xl[1];
xl[2] = thelabel.bot(\btex\large $-4$ etex, (xmin + tx*2,0)*u);
  unfill bbox xl[2];
  draw xl[2];
xl[3] = thelabel.bot(\btex\large $-3$ etex, (xmin + tx*3,0)*u);
  unfill bbox xl[3];
  draw xl[3];
xl[4] = thelabel.bot(\btex\large $-2$ etex, (xmin + tx*4,0)*u);
  unfill bbox xl[4];
  draw xl[4];
xl[5] = thelabel.bot(\btex\large $-1$ etex, (xmin + tx*5,0)*u);
  unfill bbox xl[5];
  draw xl[5];
xl[6] = thelabel.bot(\btex\large $1$ etex, (xmin + tx*7,0)*u);
  unfill bbox xl[6];
  draw xl[6];
xl[7] = thelabel.bot(\btex\large $2$ etex, (xmin + tx*8,0)*u);
  unfill bbox xl[7];
  draw xl[7];
xl[8] = thelabel.bot(\btex\large $3$ etex, (xmin + tx*9,0)*u);
  unfill bbox xl[8];
  draw xl[8];
xl[9] = thelabel.bot(\btex\large $4$ etex, (xmin + tx*10,0)*u);
  unfill bbox xl[9];
  draw xl[9];
xl[10] = thelabel.bot(\btex\large $5$ etex, (xmin + tx*11,0)*u);
  unfill bbox xl[10];
  draw xl[10];
xl[11] = thelabel.bot(\btex\large $6$ etex, (xmin + tx*12,0)*u);
  unfill bbox xl[11];
  draw xl[11];

%% Vertical labels;
yl[0] = thelabel.lft(\btex\large $-6$ etex, (0,ymin + ty*0)*u);
  unfill bbox yl[0];
  draw yl[0];
yl[1] = thelabel.lft(\btex\large $-5$ etex, (0,ymin + ty*1)*u);
  unfill bbox yl[1];
  draw yl[1];
yl[2] = thelabel.lft(\btex\large $-4$ etex, (0,ymin + ty*2)*u);
  unfill bbox yl[2];
  draw yl[2];
yl[3] = thelabel.lft(\btex\large $-3$ etex, (0,ymin + ty*3)*u);
  unfill bbox yl[3];
  draw yl[3];
yl[4] = thelabel.lft(\btex\large $-2$ etex, (0,ymin + ty*4)*u);
  unfill bbox yl[4];
  draw yl[4];
yl[5] = thelabel.lft(\btex\large $-1$ etex, (0,ymin + ty*5)*u);
  unfill bbox yl[5];
  draw yl[5];
yl[6] = thelabel.lft(\btex\large $1$ etex, (0,ymin + ty*7)*u);
  unfill bbox yl[6];
  draw yl[6];
yl[7] = thelabel.lft(\btex\large $2$ etex, (0,ymin + ty*8)*u);
  unfill bbox yl[7];
  draw yl[7];
yl[8] = thelabel.lft(\btex\large $3$ etex, (0,ymin + ty*9)*u);
  unfill bbox yl[8];
  draw yl[8];
yl[9] = thelabel.lft(\btex\large $4$ etex, (0,ymin + ty*10)*u);
  unfill bbox yl[9];
  draw yl[9];
yl[10] = thelabel.lft(\btex\large $5$ etex, (0,ymin + ty*11)*u);
  unfill bbox yl[10];
  draw yl[10];
yl[11] = thelabel.lft(\btex\large $6$ etex, (0,ymin + ty*12)*u);
  unfill bbox yl[11];
  draw yl[11];
%%%% Place the labels
if ((xmax-xmin)*(ymax-ymin) > 99):
label.top(\btex {\Large $ x $} etex, (xmax*u+1.125*(24/64)*v,1.125(4/64)*v));
label.rt (\btex {\Large $ y $} etex, (1.125*(4/64)*v,ymax*u+1.125*(24/64)*v));
label.top(\btex {\large $ x $} etex, (xmax*u+(24/64)*v,(4/64)*v));
label.rt (\btex {\large $ y $} etex, ((4/64)*v,ymax*u+(24/64)*v));
pickup pencircle scaled (axeswidth*1.0pt);
drawdblarrow (0,ymin-ahpos*ahlen)*u--(0,ymax+ahpos*ahlen)*u;
drawdblarrow (xmin-ahpos*ahlen,0)*u--(xmax+ahpos*ahlen,0)*u;




  • 1
    Imho the % after begingroup and endgroup in the opencircle definition are wrong. – Ulrike Fischer May 25 at 20:01
  • Deleted. Thanks. – W. Kehowski May 25 at 21:02
  • what did you change? – Thruston May 25 at 21:19
  • I deleted the % characters. – W. Kehowski May 26 at 0:09

The given code never worked: I tried it with working TeX Live distributions from 2015 to 2019, always getting the same error.

The .mp file that gets written out shows

def opencircle(expr z, d, rgb) = begingroupsave p;
 path p;
 p = fullcircle scaled (2.3333*d) shifted (z);
 fill p withcolor background;
 draw p withcolor (rgb) withpen currentpen scaled 0.5;

which is of course wrong. Remember that gmp reads the mpost environment with TeX conventions on, in order to do macro expansion. Thus the % symbols after begingroup and endgroup hide the endlines and the output is


which is of course wrong. You can add comments to your Metapost snippets, but ensure a space precedes % or the comment is on a line of its own. Metapost essentially ignores line breaks, which are simply translated to spaces.

Removing the wrong % characters yields the expected result.

enter image description here

  • Even with removing the comment characters it's not compiling. – W. Kehowski May 26 at 0:16
  • My apology. I thought I stated what distribution I was using: MiKTeX 2.9.7050 (64-bit). – W. Kehowski May 26 at 0:36
  • If I take the file generated from gmp and compile it from the command line I get the following: C:\Temp>mpost --interaction=errorstopmode --tex=latex mwe.mp This is MetaPost, version 2.00 (MiKTeX 2.9.7050 64-bit) (MiKTeX 2.9.7050 64-bit) (C:/Program Files/MiKTeX 2.9/metapost/base/mpost.mp (C:/Program Files/MiKTeX 2.9/metapost/base/plain.mp Preloading the plain mem file, version 1.004) ) (./mwe.mp No output and the log file is empty. Files containing asymptote code compile properly. Only metapost seems to be affected. – W. Kehowski May 27 at 3:51
  • You can check if your mpost invocation crashed by running echo %ERRORLEVEL% immediately afterwards. A very high (or negative value) signals an error condition (e.g., access violation). You also can check the Windows event viewer. – Christian Schenk May 27 at 8:29
  • I get -1073741819. What next? – W. Kehowski May 27 at 17:08

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