I want to create a piece of software which outputs (beautiful) pdfs. However, I don't want to make the user install a LaTeX distribution.

Is there some kind of portable binary I can ship with my application which preferably does not save files on the pc?

  • Latex is not a standalone application. There is the binary typesetter (etex), then there is the latex format, packages and fonts. If your application uses latex for processing, you'll need a latex distribution along with it. – daleif May 28 at 5:37
  • Can't I ship any used packages and required binaries along with it? – Tvde1 May 28 at 5:50
  • Sure, but you'll need to know exactly which binaries and files are needed. Most people do not, so easier to use an entire latex installation, perhaps starting with one of the minimal ones, and then adding the stuff that you needed – daleif May 28 at 5:59
  • But my question is if it is possible to ship a distribution/binaries along with my application so no installation is needed. – Tvde1 May 28 at 6:04
  • In theory it should not be a problem, as long as you have PATHs under control in your application. For example, calling pdflatex with a full path to pdflatex will not always work as it may need to call kpsewhich or other aux binaries which it cannot find. But if they are in the PATH once your application calls pdflatex, it should not be an issue. – daleif May 28 at 6:36

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