I have a long sentence in my chapter title, which I separated into two lines like this (I reduced the extra space between the two lines).

\chapter{Rare Earth doped materials \\ [-1.5ex] for temperature 
sensing }

The problem now is that the title is split into two lines in the running head also, and it doesn't look nice. Any idea about how to fix it? Thx! enter image description here

  • Welcome ... can you provide a MWE? – MadyYuvi May 29 at 8:23

As you didn't provide a MWE, hence assume that the below tag may help you...

\chapter[Short title]{full title}

If not so, please provide a MWE

  • It worked!! Thank you very much :) – Vanessa May 29 at 8:34
  • @Vanessa Glad to hear that the suggestion helps you...Please accept the answer is useful by click the tick mark....Thanks... – MadyYuvi May 29 at 8:38

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