On the IEEE paper layout i use subfigure/subfloats two place two figures side-side. While the a) b) tags are ok the main caption (also for other figures) increase to textsize (shown on the left col). How to keep things uniform small.

enter image description here

The code is long: main parts are:


\subfloat[geo-tagged resources]{\label{rsspl}\includegraphics[width=0.24\textwidth,valign=c]{figures/rssplf.png}}
\subfloat[radial LV circuit]{\label{circuitth}\includegraphics[width=0.2\textwidth,valign=c]{figures/circuitth.png}}
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    Note that IEEE requires the [caption=false] option of subfig so as to not load the caption package. Comsoc requires [font=normalsize,labelfont=sf,textfont=sf] (see page 10 of the manual). – John Kormylo May 30 '19 at 14:08

Best approach: \usepackage[caption=false]{subfig}

Other: add \captionsetup{font=footnotesize,singlelinecheck=false}. Another approach with begin-subfigure here

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