In a report, I need to show some tables with numeric results. I've obtained these tables in MS Excel/powerBI, and would ideally like to re-create them in LaTeX for stylistic and flexibility reasons.

In Excel and PowerBI, I know very well how to do conditional formatting on tables, to give certain colours based on logical statements. One feature that I find very helpful in quickly assessing results is the "data bar" feature, where the cell in the table gets a bar of a certain colour, based on the value in that cell. See examples below.

Is there any way to recreate this in LaTeX? It seems the pgfplotstable package is able to do some conditional formatting (such as Conditional formatting, rounding and postprocessing of a column in pgfplotstable explains), but from the package documentation it doesn't become immediately clear to me if it is possible.

I'd thought to ask here first for some ideas or insights before trying and possibly losing a lot of time ;-)

enter image description here enter image description here


Edit: so it turns out I was once again too quick. There seems to exist an excellent answer out there: Partially coloring cell background with histograms

The term "histogram" in the title threw me off ^^

  • Welcome to TEX.SE, what have you tried so far. Please show us a MWE, because, this is not just-do-it-for-me site. – Raaja May 30 '19 at 11:48

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