Markdown can be used to produce either beamer slides or a single handout document file from the very same source file -- just by compiling it in a different way.

Here how it works:

Assume you have the following document:

# title 1
- list entry 1
- list entry 2
- list entry 3

# title 2
- another list entry
- and yet onother one
- and finally the last one

You can now compile this this, for instance, running the following command line: pandoc -t beamer input.md -i -o output.pdf which produces a beamer presentation in which the slides open "one by one" (unreveals list bullets incrementally).

But when you compile it "normally", like pandoc input.md -o output.pdf, then is simply creates a standard PDF document.

Markdown also supports beamer overlay commands, such as \only<+>. However, using such commands will cause the compilation as document (for handouts/printouts) to disfunction, i.e., it will not compile.

Question: Is there a way to include \only<> commands in markdown code and still compile the code as a standard markdown document, so I can have fancy slides and still a handout?

Obviously, for this to work the compiler had to know what to do with the \only<> commands. But I figured this should not be a problem, as it could simpy use the "last frame number" per slide to put that respective content into the document. ... But how can that be done?

  • Apparently, pandoc supports the package beamerarticle to create handouts (pandoc.org/MANUAL.html), but this raises an "Option clash for package xcolor" error that I cannot get resolved. – Prof.Chaos May 31 at 14:19

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