When displaying slides in handout 2x1 mode—that is: two slides placed vertically on a portrait-oriented A4 (or letter) page—I would like to have part titles always on the top of the page, even if that means adding a blank slide on the bottom of the previous page.

How can I have this done automatically?

(In some sense this is similar to having chapter starting on odd pages in books, we want the reader to look at a specific location to find a new part/chapter.)


Load the ifthen package and write the following code in front of each part command:

\ifthenelse{\isodd{\value{page}}}{}{\setbeamercolor{background canvas}{bg=white}

\part{This is a new part}

It will automatically add a blank slide whenever the part title will otherwise fall on an even page number. As \mode<handout> is used, this will not affect the presentation output mode.

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