I would need to recreate the same frame as the one proposed at this page

mdframed: Put a line below the frame title and give it a shaded background

with the only exception of adding a subtitle with a white background. For example


Subtitle with white background

Text text text

I would also need to add multiple subtitles and distribute the text on multiple pages. Any idea of how to do it?


instead using tcolorbox:




\begin{tcolorbox}[title={Klassenbildung},breakable,arc=0mm,outer arc=0mm,colbacktitle=lightgray!50!white,coltitle=black,colframe=gray,fonttitle=\bfseries,colback=white,subtitle style={colback=white}]
\tcbsubtitle{Subtitle with white background}


\tcbsubtitle{Another subtitle with white background}


enter image description here

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