I want to compile one document on two different computers: one with Ubuntu 16 and lualatex, and another with Ubuntu 18 and lualatex 1.0.4 On the first computer I got an error:

!LuaTeX error: buffer overflow: 1027 > 1024 at file ../../../texk/web2c/luatexdir/pdf/pdfgen.w, line 1434

It caused by too long image filename. This error can be fixed by reducing image filename.

But on the second computer everything is ok.

How this error can be fixed for lualatex

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    Well if I got your description right it has been fixed in newer luatex version. So why don't you update the older system? – Ulrike Fischer Jun 3 at 12:16
  • @UlrikeFischer Yes, it's a decision for the last option. But I thought there are may some ways to solve the problem without updating TexLive or Ubuntu – Shalom Alecheim Jun 3 at 12:19
  • Which one? It looks like a problem with the binary, so the binary must be changed. Beside this: luatex 0.8 is really very old and you will run probably in more problems with it. – Ulrike Fischer Jun 3 at 12:22
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    even luatex 1.04 is old (and likely incompatible with current luatex packages) the current released version (miktex/texlive) is 1.10.0, unlike pdftex there were a lot of changes and especially beta releases prior to 1.0 shouldn't be used now – David Carlisle Jun 3 at 13:38

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