I am using the glossaries package with the acronym option and I would like to have something such as

\newacronym{key}{ACRONYM}{in-text long-form}{glossary long-form}

in my acronym file, so that in the text, when I use


for the first time in the text, the result be

in-text long-form (ACRONYM)

and in the glossary, this entry shows up as

ACRONYM glossary long-form

This answer shows how to add something in the glossary compared to the text, but what if I want two different long forms in the glossary and in the text?


Try setting the description field. MWE:


\newacronym[description={All Clever Rigid Nope}]{ac}{ACRN}{Autonomous Conscious Running Node}

    Blah blah blah \gls{ac} and blah


And the result: Result

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