I was looking for a way to add custom commands to the Left Panel in Texstudio (not the toolbar next to the text window) where you can find structure, symbols, etc. as marked in this post . I am interested especially in the "Tikz" part because I have a few commands I need sometimes and I can't always remember the right tikz syntax (like tikzset and intersections). They are too many to add each one to the toolbar next to the text window.

I haven't found anything on this topic so far. When I was searching the names in the texstudio path to find the files, in which the entries are stored, I found them in the texstudio.exe (around line 1107400) as some markup language. I am not sure whether you can change text menu entries inside an .exe File, but I am quite sure you shouldn't. Does anyone know a way to add commands in this menu part?

  • On the left panel you already have the TI button. – user187802 Jun 4 at 8:53
  • Yes there is already a Tikz part, but the commands in it aren't very useful for me (i don't neet arrows for example) and i would like to insert my own commands there – Finn Jun 4 at 8:57

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