My collaborator highlighted all lines starting with an eqref and asked me to avoid this by placing a ~ between the reference and the preceding word. For example, he suggested replacing it follows from \eqref{ref} with it follows from~\eqref{ref}.

I get that a reference of the form Theorem \ref{thm} should be written as Theorem~\ref{thm} to avoid the line break between Theorem and its reference, but I'm not convinced about the above case. Is it a general rule that lines should not start with a reference to an equation?

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    I generally does not see an issue with it. I tend to follow a rule where something short + punctuation shouldn't start a line, in which case the ~ is handy. I'd say this rule seems more of a house rule whan a general rule of thumb. – daleif Jun 4 at 13:48
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    It is enforced in my part of engineering. Apparently it can be mistaken for part of a numbered list rather than an equation reference. – Jon Jun 4 at 13:54

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