I'm trying to set a custom colour for hyperref's link underlining. The MWE below shows what I'm doing. But the colour comes out different - it's the same kind of yellow but a different saturation, if I have to guess. I also haven't figured out how to match the line width to the line width I'm using for the section heading underlines.


% Packages
\usepackage{xcolor} % showframe loads this

% demo only

% theme colours and lengths
\definecolor{MyThemeColour}{cmyk}{0.10,0.10,1.00,0} % personal yellow

% outdent and underline section headings
    \bgroup\markoverwith{\textcolor{MyThemeColour}{\rule[-0.75ex]{1pt}{1pt}}}\ULon% 2pt 2pt

% make the PDF link underlining use my default colour
  \def\@pdfborder{0 0 1}% Overrides border definition set with colorlinks=true
  \def\@pdfborderstyle{/S/U/W 2}% Overrides border style set with colorlinks=true




(Compiling using lualatex in case that makes a difference.`




then all colors are internally converted into the rgb modell. A yellow in cmyk is not the same as yellow in rgb.

  • Perfect, thank you (& I would never have worked this out on my own!). – Lyndon Drake Jun 4 at 18:31
  • Any thoughts on how to set the line width? – Lyndon Drake Jun 4 at 18:31
  • I do not really understand what you mean by line width. I get "1 Lipsum" underlined. – Red-Cloud Jun 4 at 18:37
  • No worries, I figured it out - thanks again – Lyndon Drake Jun 4 at 18:41

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