I'm using a Jacobs Landscape Poster.

While I'm working on the poster, I would like to transform the white background into black, and the black letters into white.

In a normal tex document, I would use

\usepackage{xcolor}%Comment out before printing
\pagecolor[rgb]{0,0,0}%Comment out before printing
\color[rgb]{1,1,1}%Comment out before printing

I've tried that, but it doesn't work properly with the poster.

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The Jacobs Landscape Poster is implemented as a beamer presentation with only one very large frame. Therefore, you can use the regular color settings of beamer for the background and the blocks, see for example Change the background color of a frame in Beamer and other questions linked from there.

Example code fragment, using the template from https://www.latextemplates.com/template/jacobs-landscape-poster:

\title{\color{white}Unnecessarily Complicated Research Title} % Poster title
\author{John Smith, James Smith and Jane Smith} % Author(s)
\institute{Department and University Name} % Institution(s)


\addtobeamertemplate{block end}{}{\vspace*{2ex}} % White space under blocks
\addtobeamertemplate{block alerted end}{}{\vspace*{2ex}} % White space under highlighted (alert) blocks

\setlength{\belowcaptionskip}{2ex} % White space under figures
\setlength\belowdisplayshortskip{2ex} % White space under equations
\setbeamercolor{background canvas}{bg=black}
\setbeamercolor{block title}{fg=white,bg=black} 
\setbeamercolor{block body}{fg=white,bg=black} % Colors of the body of blocks
\setbeamercolor{block alerted body}{fg=white,bg=black}
\setbeamercolor{title in headline}{fg=white,bg=black}
\setbeamercolor{author in headline}{fg=white,bg=black}
\setbeamercolor{institution in headline}{fg=white,bg=black}
\begin{frame}[t] % The whole poster is enclosed in one beamer frame


enter image description here

Note that the color for the title is explicitly set to white within the title itself, because the template has a hardcoded blue color for the title that is set just before the title is inserted (\usebeamercolor{title in headline}{\color{jblue}\Huge{\textbf{\inserttitle}}\\[0.5ex]} in beamerthemeconfposter.sty).

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