I am new to latex and am trying to create the following in latex: enter image description here

It looks similar to what I want when I use this:

$\scriptsize 0_{{\big T}{\small 1}} =

However, I get the following error message:

! Missing delimiter (. inserted).
<to be read again>
l.10 $\scriptsize 0_{{\big T
}{\small 1}} =
I was expecting to see something like `(' or `\{' or
`\}' here. If you typed, e.g., `{' instead of `\{', you
should probably delete the `{' by typing `1' now, so that
braces don't get unbalanced. Otherwise just proceed.
Acceptable delimiters are characters whose \delcode is
nonnegative, or you can use `\delimiter <delimiter code>'.

I am not sure how to fix the error and am hoping someone on here can help me :)

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    \big does not change the font size in math mode but is used for delimiters like { or )... – leandriis Jun 5 at 14:47
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    Does \documentclass{article} \begin{document} $ ^0T_1 = $ \end{document} give the desired output? i.stack.imgur.com/7UhO8.png – leandriis Jun 5 at 14:49
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    \big must be followed by a delimiter; it doesn't change the size of arbitrary symbols. What do you need, precisely? – egreg Jun 5 at 14:49
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    in addition to \Big being an error, the text size changes such as \scriptsize and \small should not be used in math mode (they give a warning and do not work as you might expect) – David Carlisle Jun 5 at 14:53
  • @leandriis Yes, thank you! – Fee Jun 5 at 15:30

Instead of trying to change the font size of the elements, use super- and subscripts as shown in the following example:

$ ^0T_1 = $ 

enter image description here

  • The drawing in the question looks more like a sans serif letter than an ordinary italic variable. Maybe {\top} would work, although I think a larger size would be better. (The braces enclosing \top are necessary to disable the usual spacing; this should be an "ordinary" character, although probably a "large operator" without limits could work.) – barbara beeton Jun 5 at 18:50
  • @barbarabeeton: It is indeed true that the code does not exactly reproduce the sketch in the question. However, the OP seemed to be satisfied iwth this solution that I already included in a previous comment. – leandriis Jun 5 at 20:15

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