I want what the following code does, but with no page break when \newgeometry or \restoregeometry are issued. Is that possible?







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    You can't. The flowfram package will allow you to break a page into different sized chunks, but you have to set up the whole page in the preamble. What you can do is overlap the left and right margins, or preempt the top margin with afterpage. – John Kormylo Jun 5 at 19:02
  • you can almost always avoid \newgeometry alltogether, you can change the margins just with the standard quote environment or a copy that changes the margins by a different amount/ – David Carlisle Jun 5 at 19:08
  • Thanks! I have just replaced \restoregeometry with \afterpage{\restoregeometry}, and the geometry is no restored! – Paul Smith Jun 5 at 19:13
  • @JohnKormylo I weep if anyone suggests using afterpage in a real document:-) – David Carlisle Jun 5 at 19:13
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    so specify the page dimension for the general pages and put \vspace*{-4cm} before the list. – David Carlisle Jun 5 at 19:21

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