I love kile even under Win10 and I'm working with since about 5 years. Unfortunately, there seem to be minor bugs I can't fix by myself, although I've studied the 'Handbuch' and thousands of contributions concerning -> pdf-viewers and -> recommended configurations more than once.

  • Document-Viewer, external, should follow the editors cursor (up and down) so I can work as fast as possible. Some day it works fine, but sometimes the viewer just stands still, which is a little bit unpleasant. It occurs (apparently) when I do something else than 'working with the preview', e.g.: creating a PDF-Document and so on. Even reboot won't help. It seems 'unstable' in the broadest sense. And I just didn't find the mysterious way how it can be 'fixed by itself' on another day. System Check is OK, except 'convert' couldn't be found (non-critical error).

  • How should I create the final PDF (as safe and reliable and elegant as possible)?

  • I've chosen 'Kile-Settings > LivePreview > enable for newly opened documents > COMPILING AFTER SAVING.' So, I just SAVE my work and get a visible Document very quickly.

I guess, my problem is: Where to find the 'root cause' for the aforementioned unreliable work of the special loveable feature(s) which support my workflow. Because the selection options are (very) extensive/unmanageable. Who can help? I would be really happy.

Many thanks in advance

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