I am using biblatex-sbl and I have this question:

There is a volume that is separated in a comment (in Roman numerals), together with a text edition and a translation (both in Arabic numerals and both starting with "1") - how can I specify my page number? For instance, I want to have this style:

Vööbus, Arthur: History of asceticism in the Syrian orient. A contribution to the history of culture in the Near East. 3 vols. CSCO 184.197.500, Subsidia 14.17.81, Louvain 1988, 1 [syr. Text]; 4 [transl].

  author     = {Vööbus, Arthur},
  title      = {History of Asceticism in the {Syrian Orient}},
  subtitle   = {A Contribution to the History of Culture in the {Near East}},
  shorttitle = {History of Asceticism},
  volumes    = {3},
  note       = {\citeseries{CSCO} 184.197.500\ifbibliography{\addsemicolon}{\addcomma} Subsidia 14.17.81},
  location   = {Louvain},
  publisher  = {Secrétariat du Corpus SCO},
  date       = {1958/1988},
  series      = {Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium},
  shortseries = {CSCO},
  options     = {skipbib},
Filler text\footnote{\cite[1 [syr. Text]; 4 [transl]]{Voobus.1988}.}
Filler text\autocite[1 [syr. Text]; 4 [transl]]{Voobus.1988}.
  • Are we only talking about the fact that the code as posted does not work (due to the many square brackets) or are you asking about something deeper here?
    – moewe
    Jun 8 '19 at 16:15

If I understand you rightly, you just need to wrap your square brackets in braces:

Filler text\footnote{\cite[1 {[syr.~Text]}; 4 {[transl]}]{Voobus.1988}.}
Filler text\autocite[1 {[syr.~Text]}; 4 {[transl]}]{Voobus.1988}.

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